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The 12 Universal Laws of Attraction Explained

Twelve 12 Universal Spiritual Laws of the Universe The Law of Attraction The Law of Vibration The Law of Correspondence The Law of Inspired Action The Law of Cause and Effect The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy The Law of Compensation The Law of Relativity The Law of Polarity The Law of Rhythm The Law of Gender The Law of Delicate Balance and Harmony 15 minutes manifestation Eddie Sergey

The Law of Attraction is part of very ancient universal laws or principles that have been existed in cosmos eon’s ego. These basic spiritual laws of the universe are essential to understand the purpose of our existence and awareness of the world around us.


The Fifth Dimension

New earth fifth dimension

There is a lot of information coming from the different sources about the upcoming global changes and 5th dimension spiritual awakening. According to the ancient prophesies, our planet is going to shift to a whole new level of reality filled with love, unity, wisdom, and peace. This reality is often called “New Earth” where the inhabitants will live as immortal beings. A lot is going to change and things like violence, destruction, sin, sickness or death will end.


Lost Civilizations

In the past, many nations had a certain story about a legendary ancient civilization that dwelled on a big continent and then deluged under the sea level. This sunken landmass was considered to be a lost motherland that gave birth to humanity on Earth. At its peak of development, people of this supercontinent were highly evolved and spiritual.

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Technology

There are numerous new discoveries of ancient stone tools around the world that proves first ancient humans were already quite evolved. For the past thirty years, there have been a steadily increasing number of historical and archaeological discoveries made at various sites around the world. Because of their highly controversial and mysterious nature, they have been classified as 'out-of-place' artifacts because they were found in geological strata where nobody expected them to be.

Ancient Technology Cyclist Carving at Indonesia Temple
Cyclist carving at Indonesia Temple


Ancient Genome Creation and Decay

Fibonacci sequence in nature celestial quest genome dna

The theory of evolution assumed development of species from simple to complex forms. According to this, humans should develop into more complex entities, be more healthy, stronger and live longer. This is true for medical technologies and quality of life when comparing modern time with Middle Ages, from 5th to 15th centuries, but not when it comes to modern-day health issues. In today’s world, global atmospheric changes driven by natural and human actions are causing health decline in present generations and is affecting the well-being of future generations.

The Last Common Ancestors

Ancestors Torino Egypt Ancient Egyptian Statues

After Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution about 150 years ago, scientists have continued to study various aspects of evolutionary biology in modern times by forming and testing hypotheses by using observational data and theoretical biology.