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How to Pray: The Elements of An Effective Prayer

An effective prayer brings greater joy and peace knowing God knows us more than anybody else. He knows our weaknesses and strengths, our failures and fears, our longings and even the secrets we have hidden from everyone else.

Is the Law of Attraction a Hoax?

The Law of Attraction claims to be able to make all your dreams into realities. If that’s true, why doesn’t everybody have everything they want? Or is that merely oversimplifying the whole issue?

How to Make a Paradigm Shift With Positive Energy 

Are you fed up with your life as it is now? Want to manifest love, health and money in your life? So you need to learn how to take affirmative action and use positive affirmations to shift it for the life you want to have.

Answered Prayer: How I Met My Husband

I was happy living without being in a romantic relationship. Nearly two years of being on my own after being married for many years, I had finally learned to appreciate my own company. I took car rides alone, went on short hiking trips by myself, went to restaurants (seating for one, please) if I wanted, and went shopping alone. I was perfectly happy! Read More >>

Prayer For Healing From Emotional Pain

The moral degradation of our society today is one of the causes of emotional despair. Nothing can ease the pain when someone is hurting except God's healing love. When we bring to God our concerns, He is always willing to listen with undivided attention. All you have to do is open your heart to Him.

The Seven Laws of Attraction 

Each of us has experienced a day where everything, and I mean everything has gone wrong. Your hair looked like a rat had slept in it, you burned breakfast, were late for work because the dog got out, almost got into an accident, everyone at work was a jerk, and the whole day was a heaping pile of this sucks upon a pile of this sucks even more.