The Path of Karma

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Karma Wheel Samsara Symbol Reincarnation Buddhism

There are numerous NDE stories where people reported seeing visions of certain moments from their lifetime. They describe it as someone just rolled out a screen in front of their eyes and flashed images from their childhood and adult life. It was mostly a review of their relationships with family, loved ones and other people. There was also a review of the important events, good and bad experience.

These stories are often overlooked, but each of these visions is a some type of information or data recorded about everything that a person did during his or her lifetime. All their thoughts and actions were recorded and stored inside their energy field as well as in other dimensions. This saved information, often called Akashic records, can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The recorded information is used to assist with the decision making process on where this person needs to go or what to do next.

The energy field of each created being contains all necessary information for a soul’s growth. The spirit guides review all the information and give the soul a new assignment and lessons to learn based on this information.

With each new reincarnation a soul learns its own assigned lessons. Every living being's soul transmigrates (recycles) after death, carrying the karmic debt from life just completed, into another life and lifetime of karmas. However, Earth’s reincarnation cycle doesn’t last forever. It has a limited amount of time before the major transformation of energy, stars and planets occurs. While Earth is almost in the 4th dimension, karma is becoming more and more an instant karma event.

Karma Wheel Samsara Symbol Reincarnation


Definition of Karma 

According to Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, karma is the sum of person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. The earliest Upanishads learned about why and how man is born, and what happens after death. Early theories of ancient Sanskrit documents include pancagni vidya (the five fire doctrine), devayana (the cycle-transcending, path of the gods) and pitryana (the cyclic path of fathers).

In Hinduism, the karmic effect of a deed is not determined solely by the deed itself, but also by the nature of the person who commits the deed, and by the circumstances in which it is committed.

Triple spiral wheeled symbol karma goddess
Karma is often depicted as the eight-spoked wheel and is called the karmic wheel of life. However, the ancient type of the symbol found at the ancient prehistoric site at Newgrange Ireland looks like an interlocking never-ending labyrinth of life. It is the Triple Spiral symbol that originally comes from a neo-pagan Triple Goddess symbol. Its message is: “we are born into the cycle, and get stuck in it”.

Types of Karma

There is a difference between the actual karmic lessons and things we do daily. Don’t assume that you experience the actual “karma” just by having a bad day at work or by dealing with the flu. Karma is a long-term process that involves relationships and events necessary to learn lessons and experience things for personal growth. It can present itself as a pattern of struggles throughout your life such as a sequence of tragic events or poor relationships. If you find yourself suffering from reoccurring afflictions, there might be unresolved issues in your past.
“What we do with what is happening has nothing to do with karma. The way we are and the way we deal with things from our primal psychology, our behavior, is not karmic. We find ourselves in circumstances based on karma...karma defines the things that happen to us, but not the way we deal with what happens to us…”  from “As It Is” book by M. Young.

Karmic debt appears as a result of accumulation of the negative energy and bad behaviors you exhibited in the past lives. This means you could potentially hurt someone or a group of people in your previous life. After that past life was over, all this karmic debt got attached to you and you have to carry it with you during your next reincarnation. Figuring out your karmic debt helps you identify your karmic lessons and fix it.

Some common types of karma are called Prarabdha, Adhibhautika, Adhyatmika and Adhidaivika.

Prarabdha and Adhibhautika

Prarabdha is created from the consequences of actions that people did in previous lifetimes. It is destined to play out in this present life. Adhibhautika is the karma created by groups of people (i.e. your family, community, and nation).

Karma will be created when:

  • Those who are knowingly or unknowingly harm others due to their own false beliefs or by following the false beliefs of others.
  • Those who are knowingly or unknowingly harm others for their own selfish reasons (greed, hatred, etc.).
  • Individuals in destructive relationships that abuse others (it also includes animal abuse).

Some say that we should forgive. However, how one can forgive and forget all the damage that was done?

From the spiritual perspective, forgiveness is essential. When we tend to dwell in hatred or anger for many years, it can hold us back from moving forward. From the reincarnation perspective, we would have to reincarnate into another lifetime and deal with these people again. The physical bodies and roles will be different though.


Adhyatmika is a type of the karma you create as an individual.
It happens when:
  • Individuals who don't listen to their intuition or gut feelings tend to get stuck in bad situations and/or traumatic events. You should always listen to your intuition, especially if you are a mother with children who need their mother's protection.
  • Individuals who live in an endless cycle of negativity tend to attract “bad luck”. They create an unwanted experience by making bad choices and attracting incompatible people or relationships. By thinking negative/depressive thoughts, they can manifest undesirable outcome. The low self-esteem can attract abusers.
  • Bad habits very often result in negative outcome. Smoking, for instance, can lead to cancer. 

If you are dealing with this type of karma, let everything go and forget all negative people from your past. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and it will lead to positive actions. Learn to get rid of the bad habits. If you find yourself constantly helping others, helping yourself first is more essential.


Adhidaivika is the cyclic destiny of the Earth itself and its natural forces (e.g.: volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes). Some things in nature happen naturally, e.g. volcanoes erupt to form new land. However, nature often responds violently to man-made activities. It can make cause-and-effect disasters in entire cities or even countries.

Advanced (bad) karma experience can be the most terrifying thing in the world. It feels like God just placed His mighty curse and there is no way to escape this nightmare. With the advanced Karma, the individual has to go through a lot of trials, pain, agony, and suffering. Only Goddess Karma brings the worst experience of emotional and physical pain that, in some cases, can even lead to the near-death experience.

Once karma is resolved, however, it feels like the best thing in the world. Once the torment is over, life feels like bliss. Usually, the person will get some type of a confirmation message in a form of signs or dreams on what has been accomplished and what lessons were learned.

Karma is a helpful reminder to follow the laws of the universe and God’s commandments. It teaches about love and pain of separation. It also teaches about love and separation from Creator. We learn to forgive themselves and others, learn to be humble, to be kind toward others, to have joy and to stay positive during the most difficult time.

And of course, the most important thing to learn is the difference between good and evil. This knowledge is necessary to move forward, to choose good over evil and have a good life. This knowledge will be stored inside our subconscious for eternity.

Reincarnation Karma Wheel Samsara Symbol

Resolving Karma

Some assume they can get rid of their karma by doing certain magical rituals. Unfortunately, it is not going to work because karma can only be cleared by Creator’s will. According to some religions and philosophical teachings, suffering is actually beneficial for a soul's growth. Once the soul reaches the state of Nirvana/Heaven, there will be no more suffering. They believe that only few can master to shift their advanced or bad karma.

What I personally like about the teachings of Jesus is that it actually provides a solution to all of the karma problems. His sacrifice on the cross creates a “shortcut” in the karma path and breaks the endless cycle of death and rebirth. In addition, those who are doing God’s will are supernaturally protected from the harm. This is known as God’s seal of protection. No matter how hard your trials are, trust the Divine plan and ask for guidance. If you have any questions, there are mentors and spiritual advisors available to help.

Divine justice resides inside of everyone, and the working out of karma is part of what we are present in the physical world to accomplish. Treat other people the way you want to be treated, and treating yourself in the same manner can help you to be free from karma.

You create your own little “universe of reality" - a personal Mirror of Life that will reflect back your own creation. This Mirror of Life is what eventually will be shown to everyone. It reflects back your life, your actions, your intentions, and your thoughts. Good people will surely enjoy the reflection of their own reality.

Once karma is cleared and all the lessons are learned, souls move on. You are no longer tangled in its web, but a piece of the puzzle of how it works out in the world. You are a powerful being, with the strength to let things go that do not serve your spiritual growth.

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