Did Jesus Exist? Historical Proof

Young Jesus in Jerusalem
Young Jesus in the Temple

Throughout many years, skeptics assumed there was no evidence that Jesus ever existed without searching for the evidence. During the first and second century BC, famous historians and officials of ancient Rome and Judea questioned Jesus' work such as raising people from the dead, healing or his own resurrection. The skeptics, however, didn't question Jesus' existence. This new doctrine emerged recently due to the long time frame that can make any historical figure look like a myth.

Marriage in Heaven

Wedding of the Lamb Marriage in Heaven

What gender are spirits in Heaven? Are they males, females or both? These questions seem unimportant, but answers will bring some understanding to those who are going through a rough experience in their lives and struggle to find a solution regarding certain things that happen in spiritual realms.

Lost Civilizations

In the past, many nations had a certain story about a legendary ancient civilization that dwelled on a big continent and then deluged under the sea level. This sunken landmass was considered to be a lost motherland that gave birth to humanity on Earth. At its peak of development, people of this supercontinent were highly evolved and spiritual.

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Technology

There are numerous new discoveries of ancient stone tools around the world that proves first ancient humans were already quite evolved. For the past thirty years, there have been a steadily increasing number of historical and archaeological discoveries made at various sites around the world. Because of their highly controversial and mysterious nature, they have been classified as 'out-of-place' artifacts because they were found in geological strata where nobody expected them to be.

Ancient Technology Cyclist Carving at Indonesia Temple
Image source: Cyclist carving at Indonesia Temple

Ancient Genome Creation and Decay

Fibonacci genome genes

The theory of evolution assumed development of species from simple to complex forms. According to this, humans should develop into more complex entities, be more healthy, stronger and live longer. This is true for medical technologies and quality of life when comparing modern time with Middle Ages, from 5th to 15th centuries, but not when it comes to modern-day health issues. In today’s world, global atmospheric changes driven by natural and human actions are causing health decline in present generations and is affecting the well-being of future generations.

The Last Common Ancestors

Ancestors Torino Egypt Ancient Egyptian Statues

After Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution about 150 years ago, scientists have continued to study various aspects of evolutionary biology in modern times by forming and testing hypotheses by using observational data and theoretical biology.

Feathered Dinosaurs

Feathered Dinosaurs

Where did life on the Earth come from? How did it get here? The Bible states that God created all life during the first six days of the week of creation in Genesis 1. Did things happen as it was written in the Bible, or did life come into existence all by itself?

The theory of evolution implies that inanimate objects under some strange and unknown circumstances in the past spontaneously gave birth to very primitive life forms. Evolutionists believe that humans, a relatively complex organism, evolved from simpler forms of life over the course of billions of years.