The Gospel of the Kingdom

Gospel of the Kingdom

The Heavenly Kingdom Concept

Many people wonder just what a “Heavenly Kingdom” is and what it looks like. In Jesus time, many of his followers have asked this question. Jesus presented to his followers the idea of the Kingdom with correlation to the spiritual fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. According to this concept, it alone can liberate people from the bondage of hatred or fear and enrich human life, filling it with spiritual liberty and courage. The “Gospel of the Kingdom” was made to set men free and inspire a hope for eternal life. The message was to bring new confidence and true consolidation for all people of various nationalities and economic status. It introduced a new standard of moral values to determine human conduct such as spiritual attainment as the true goal of living compared to the material. Jesus was teaching his followers that heavenly realms were the result of righteous living on Earth as a reward.