What Happens to the Spirit After Suicide

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Suicide is not an easy topic to write about. It is a very tragic event, especially for the family where it happened and close friends who left struggling with the grief, loss and a tremendous amount of guilt thinking they could have prevented the tragedy. No matter what was the reason behind the act of the suicide, be it due to the unhappy love, zombie apocalypse or wrong religious beliefs, everybody realizes it is always a big mistake to do.

The act of suicide is classified to be “unnatural” and “spiritually unlawful” form of death and often considered to be wrong. It doesn’t mean that someone invisible will put the lost soul into an isolated place called “hell” as a way of punishment. When people choose to willingly terminate their life, they will be responsible for whatever consequences they have to face afterward. Where their souls will go depends on their conscious choice or free will.

Those who decided to terminate their life early assume that after killing their body, all the physical and emotional pain they are experiencing would end. However, these people will discover to their surprise that after the suicide, or any other form of death, their soul remains fully conscious and aware of what is going on around it on a physical plane. Their souls will be able to see, feel and experience everything that is happening around them.

Every person is predestined or “assigned” to live a certain amount of time, days, hours and minutes. Think of it as a certain contract that all souls agree to accept before incarnating on the Earth. If a soul agreed to live for 90 years but decided to terminate its life at the age of 20, for example, it can stay on the Earthly plane for the remaining 70 years and cannot move forward until that time will expire.


Types of Suicide

Most of the time suicides are separated into three main categories:

1. Those who have killed themselves in order to hurt someone or to get revenge. Usually, they do it while they are in some sort of emotional crisis such as anger, rapid mood shift, impulsivity or hostility. This emotional baggage may keep these people earthbound for eternity.

2. There are others who may kill themselves as a result of a mental illness, confusion, or an adverse reaction to prescription drugs. I remember reading about such a case when a happy and healthy young man who suffered from excessive acne was prescribed a common medication to clear up his complexion that apparently wasn’t suitable for his system. He committed suicide months later after taking his medication. His doctor most likely failed to warn him about possible side effects that can trigger psychiatric disorders. The young man would get better results just by completely changing his diet and switching to organic, GMO-free food eliminating the need of taking chemicals.

3. The third category includes accidental deaths due to the drugs overdose, alcohol or other types of addiction. These people also may stay earthbound trying to satisfy their addiction they had while being alive.

Very often, a big desire to commit suicide is one of the main indicators of clinical depression and anxiety. Coping and overcoming it may be the biggest life lessons to learn. Luckily, there are many ways to do it including properly prescribed therapy.

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Earthbound Spirits

Some psychics claim they are in contact with the spirits of the deceased people all the time and these spirits tell them their “happy end” stories and how they successfully crossed over. In reality, there could be millions of false spirits in a spirit dimension that can take any desired human form or shape and present themselves whoever they want to be, even as angelic beings.

They can be very good at taking any desired form and shape. I personally witnessed this phenomenon in a dream state some time ago, when spirits were able to change their shape and form. First, these entities appeared in a human form and looked beautiful, but then they quickly turned back into their original dark and ghostly form and it was not a pretty image.

A person who has committed suicide may not cross-over right away and remain stuck between earthly dimensions for some time. Those who have experienced this type of NDE can confirm their earthbound status in a physical dimension. In general, the earthbound spirits are not visible to the regular people except to the genuine mediums.

The earthbound spirits function as if they are still alive, but most of the time they are stuck in the exact moment of their death. Such souls are still attached to their home place and often seeing around hovering next to the living family members or friends trying to communicate and seek forgiveness. Some of the family members even reported feeling or seeing their presence in a house or being haunted by some unknown ghostly presence who was a suicide victim hundred years ago. Others reported seeing the suicide victims in a grayish fog and shuffling around slowly with their heads down.

Most of the time the earthbound spirits are unable to move forward because they stuck at the moment of their death due to their negative emotions of pain, anger, despair, fear, shock, etc.

In order to understand this experience better, think about a nightmare example. Many have experienced nightmares and wished they can get out of this horrifying place as soon as possible. Or recall the moment of sleep paralysis by feeling stuck and unable to move or get back to the body. Suicide experience may be pretty much the same when comparing it to the worst nightmare, only hundred times worse. Every minute spent in this “paralysis” state equals to eternity since there is no physical time between dimensions as it is on the Earth.

Sometimes NDE survivors reveal that at the moment of death, they were given two choices by their Spirit Guides. First one was to return to their body and continue their life on the Earth. The other option they had was to reincarnate again and to re-experience everything that led them to commit suicide in the first place. It may take more than one reincarnation to clear their negative karmic depths, personal intentions, and negative emotions. As some NDE survivors revealed, people are born into this world to experience and overcome many problems. If we don’t overcome them, we may have to reincarnate numerous times until we eventually do.

How to Help Your Loved Ones

NDE stories provide a good example that everybody has the destiny to fulfill and a “mission” to complete. The fact that some survivors were able to come back and recover from the suicide often indicates that their time has not yet come. It can also mean that our time of death is predetermined. Suicide is an act of rejecting God’s gift of life that destroys an opportunity for spiritual advancement. Suffering and pain experiences are part of this mission to learn many lessons and grow spiritually.

Even those who are still thinking about committing suicide can find peace and balance through counseling, support, planning and practicing prayers. Interacting with other people who had the similar experience or writing a journal about your pain and sufferings can also help. Search for a psychology advisors or spiritual advisors who can help you to find a solution to the problem (find a good professional one). Even a typical DJ playing dance music on a radio station can save your life (research indicates that music stimulates emotions through specific brain circuits). Just avoid listening to a depressing music, no matter how good it sounds.

If you are the one who is missing your departed loved one, you can help them greatly to cross over into the light with the help of prayers and by visualizing streams of love and light pouring on them. It can actually free the person from the pain and attachment they may experience.

Once again, suicide itself would not solve any problems and only will make things worse. Every problem has a solution, every person has his own destiny to fulfill. No matter how traumatized our life experience may be, it always depends on how we view this specific situation and react to it.

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