Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Gifts

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All people are born with intuitive abilities (spiritual gifts), although some are not as hard-wired as the others. Many gifted children use them around 3 – 7 years of age and then either develop their intuition further during their lifetime or suppress it entirely. These natural abilities are also known as extrasensory perception or the sixth sense. Our souls and bodies are hard-wired with the sixth sense, and everybody can testify having at least some instance of experiencing their own psychic ability.
Various forms of intuition are necessary for our survival, functioning or decision making. In nature, for example, animals have seismic sensitivity and utilize it to hide in a safe place before an earthquake or tsunami. Since humans need not to rely on their sixth sense all the time to survive, they lose the extrasensory ability over time. People can also lose it due to their lifestyle, social norms, and preoccupation with material things.

Psychic abilities come in different variations and forms, but it is in a form of “inner knowledge” about a certain object, a person or an event, or a knowledge of an event before it actually happens. For instance, a person may get an instant “feeling” that somebody will call him after a long period of silence and eventually he is getting a call from that person.

Four Common Types of Psychic Abilities


Clairvoyance (translates as “clear vision”) is a metaphysical sense of receiving intuitive information through insights, images or impressions. Intuitive information comes in a vision through the “mind’s eye” or a “third eye.” These visions appear in a person’s mind as extrasensory information.

People with this ability often have a vision of an event, a symbol, a color or a number. For example, one person may warn the other not to drink at the party and then drive because of a vision of an accident he saw earlier.

Spiritually balanced and experienced psychics fully know their abilities and manage them accordingly. They receive valid information and visions from the external sources that are proven to be accurate and confirmed by others (such as a vision of upcoming future events).

Those who are inexperienced often have trouble discerning psychically received information from the outside sources that may cause a negative psychic experience. The unbalanced individuals tend to see disturbing or negative images in their mind that can be perceived as confused imagination or even a mental illness. If you notice that your natural psychic abilities affect your daily living activities, it is always a good idea to ask for guidance or reach for outside help. In addition, I personally do not recommend in engaging into any questionable forced practices such as "chakras opening" or "third eye" opening as it may cause unpredictable consequences.


Clairaudience (translates as “clear hearing”) is a metaphysical sense of receiving intuitive information through the physical sounds and “audible thoughts”. People who have this ability tend to receive new information audibly (similar to our own “voices” we hear while we are reading something). Individuals with this ability may hear clear and logical answers to their questions in their head when there is no way they could have known the correct information. The messages they get are clear and concise, while unclear or false answers almost always come from the ego or negative energies.

Spiritually balanced and experienced people tend to receive clear and logically sound information that is proved to be accurate, beneficial and can be verified by others. They know how to block unwanted or negative psychic information coming from the outside sources and never confuse this information with their own thoughts.

Those who are inexperienced, or spiritually and physically unbalanced may hear disturbing messages and negative voices in their mind from their ego or by unconsciously connecting to negative energy. Once again, it is always a good idea to ask for guidance and support if this psychic ability interferes with a person’s daily life and life of others.


Clairsentience (means “to feel energetically”) is an empathic ability to feel and sense the energy of others. Usually, it applies to highly sensitive people or intuitive Empaths. People with this type of abilities can feel positive and negative emotions, intentions and even thoughts of other people around them. Sometimes they can also feel someone’s else physical pain (they may even experience the pain of the other person while standing next to that person) and feel intuitively what is happening in someone’s life. For example, I once read a story of a nurse who was taking care of her patient with a certain body pain and then she was feeling exactly the same pain later that day when she came back home from the hospital.

Psychic Empaths feel other people emotions through the energy transference. They also tend to absorb and “heal” energetically those who are around them. Experienced and spiritually balanced people tend to absorb feelings of others, but instead of accumulating and keeping these energies within themselves, they have an awareness that these feelings are not their own and they know how to manage and get rid of them.

Those who are simply unaware of the functionality of their senses or spiritually unbalanced will absorb and accumulate all types of energies around them. They will perceive positive and negative energies from the people around them as their own. Highly intuitive Empaths become overwhelmed, and as a result, they may shut down to the outside world due to the sensory overload, develop blocks and all sorts of emotional problems such as constant fear, anxiety or depression.


Claircognizance (means “clear knowing”) is a metaphysical sense when you know something is correct but you are unable to prove your statement with a fact. Those who have this ability will receive an instant insight or understanding of a specific life situation that took place in the past, present or future. These types of people will have pieces of information randomly appear in their head that they know is certain or correct such as knowledge of specific places, situations or events without reading or hearing about it. It is often described as feelings of déjà vu. Those who have claircognizant abilities will get a message in a form of a “knowing” or a profound feeling that can be verified. Claircognizant person knows immediately if someone is lying to him, even when he doesn’t have proof to back it up.

These are just four basic extrasensory abilities and there are many others that constantly have been studied further.

Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Empaths, Psychic Abilities, Supernatural,

Characteristics of Psychic People

Individuals with developing psychic abilities are far more sensitive emotionally and physically than the majority of the people because they feel everything more deeply. They are usually conscious of emotions and physical conditions of others around them.

People with extrasensory perceptions are prone to stimulus overload. It is not easy for them to stay in large crowds for a long time, they tend to dislike noise or hectic environments. With too many stimuli they feel overwhelmed.

Tapping into the Past, Present, and Future

Throughout the history, various individuals impressed the world with their unique visionary talents. For example, Mendeleev wrote in his famous quote the following:
I saw in a dream a periodic table where all elements fell into place as required. After waking up, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper. Later, only in one place, a correction was necessary.

According to multiple worlds and dimensions theory, there are millions of living organisms and energy that are unseen to a human eye. They exist in vast numbers and exert influence on each other in a spiritual as well as the physical world.

If we take a deeper look at the theories published by famous physicists, we would get a glimpse of what is going on around us. For example, Prof. Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, made an interesting point about different worlds and unseen dimensions where our Universe is one of the unknown numbers of worlds that are identical to ours:

There are ordinary [non-quantum] parallel worlds which interact in a particular and subtle way. All quantum effects arise from, and only from, the interaction between worlds.

A similar extraordinary possibility is found in M-theory:

In everyday life, there are three familiar dimensions of space: height, width and depth. Einstein's general theory of relativity treats time as a dimension on par with the three spatial dimensions; in general relativity, space and time are not modeled as separate entities but are instead unified to a four-dimensional space-time, three spatial dimensions and one time dimension.

What does the Bible say about psychic abilities?

According to the New Testament, discernment is not optional for the believer - it is required. First Thessalonians 5:21-22 teaches that it is the responsibility of every Christian to examine everything carefully and discern all types of information. The apostle John issues a similar warning:
Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world (John 4:11).

The ability to see the future was given by the gift of prophecy. The Bible tells us that devoted followers led a holy life and were guided by the Holy Spirit. As a result, they received a lot of spiritual gifts and prophetic messages.

Corinthians 12:1-11 scripture states that there is a big variety of gifts, but the same Spirit, there is a variety of services, but the same Lord, and there are varieties of work, but it is the same God who inspires these gifts in people.

How would a believer know for sure that the message he or she is getting psychically is from a trusted source? The scriptures tell us that God never speaks contrary to His Word and He never tells the person to do anything outside of what scripture says. For example, God has always emphasized life and one of His famous 10 commandments is that people should not kill.

In conclusion, we are all may have some form of intuition and psychic abilities that are partially or fully present or closed completely. Our biological organisms and energy are hardwired with a 6th sense that makes every person experience his or her own extrasensory abilities at some point in their life. Psychic abilities can be a wonderful gift or a curse, if not managed properly. Personally, I do not recommend any practices of opening chakras or a third eye because it can be very dangerous for an unprepared person's mind. It is always a good idea to seek discernment, to keep a journal of your experiences and ask for guidance when necessary.

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