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One of the most asked question regarding the human existence is the one about the purpose and who created our world and the universe. While modern science doesn’t explain why the world was created in the first place, it offers various theories of flora and fauna development, plants and wildlife development, and a variety of natural phenomena that occur due to the spontaneous processes taking place during billions of years.

The Big Bang theory, for example, offers an explanation of the large-scale evolution from the earliest known periods that happened when the universe expanded from a very high density and steep temperature. However, the Big Bang theory is not addressing the questions of why the development pattern occurs in a specific way, or the sole purpose of the world’s creation, similar to inability of the modern science to create a living being from the scratch, while only able to clone, copy or modify elements of biomaterial due to a limited knowledge of its functionality.

In addition to the scientific research, there are also numerous ancient texts that were discovered and studied by historians. While these texts are not offering scientific proof, they may carry a clue for the human and animal creation purpose. For example, Sumerian mythology claims that, in the beginning, human-like gods (or a powerful race of extraterrestrials) ruled over the Earth. The earliest record of the Sumerian creation myth, called "The Eridu Genesis" was found on a single fragmentary tablet excavated in Nippur. It was written in Sumerian language and dated to around 1600 BC. According to these texts, when gods came to the Earth, there was a lot of work to do and these gods toiled the soil, digging it to make it habitable and mining its minerals. They created and later modified the "black-headed" people as well as created comfortable conditions for the animals to live and procreate.

Even though Sumerian creation myth states that humans were created to do the work for descended gods and mine minerals for them as many had interpreted, it is not clear why these gods needed to dig the Earth for its minerals in the first place since they were ones who supposedly created the Earth and the mankind. They could simply generate an unlimited amount of minerals for themselves without any digging. As a result, many Sumerian myth followers have concluded that the Earth is a giant laboratory where people were created for a specific purpose by more intelligent civilization as it was translated based on the Sumerian clay tablets, even though the original meaning of the text may be misunderstood.

In order to understand a whole process of creation, people have to look deeper into the processes similar to how a child develops in a womb. There are more processes involved than simply a development of a biomaterial. As a baby is interconnected with his mother, it can feel and may be affected by the mother’s feelings and emotions, similar to the Earth is a place where all living things are interconnected, growing and developing in a natural, not a laboratory-like environment.

Other older texts such as Genesis shed more light on the process of creation where Adam, the first human being, was created to rule over the Earth and its inhabitants. As a loving father to his children, God the Creator, expressed his love and blessed His creation. However, many found these texts illogical by wondering why is so much evil and suffering in the world after the paradise was lost. One can answer this question by studying the laws of the universe where every creature in a galaxy is entitled to a free will and can choose its own destiny, its own family, and even its own leaders.

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