Creation vs. Evolution: Space and Time

Creation vs. Evolution: Space and Time

Everything in the Universe and nature shows itself in the form of a beautiful design. Nature’s numerous properties and constants create everything in the right size and order. If something is out of balance, it may create instability and chaos within the system.

Creation vs. Evolution: Every Design Has a Designer

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Can an existence of God be scientifically proven? Is evolution happened by accident? Or was there a Master Mind that created the Universe and all life on Earth? Although science cannot directly detect God, it can examine His creation, origin of humans and the animal kingdom to get a logical conclusion.

Why did God Create The Human Race? The Ancient Texts Study

Da Vinci The Vitruvian Man

The purpose of creation may puzzle people at some point in their lifetime making them wonder: “Why do I exist?”, “What is the meaning of my life?” or “Is my existence part of a divine plan?”.

What Happens to the Spirit After Suicide


Suicide is not an easy topic to write about. It is a very tragic event, especially for the family where it happened and close friends who left struggling with the grief, loss and a tremendous amount of guilt thinking they could have prevented the tragedy. No matter what was the reason behind the act of the suicide, be it due to the unhappy love, zombie apocalypse or wrong religious beliefs, everybody realizes it is always a big mistake to do.

Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Gifts

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All people are born with intuitive abilities (spiritual gifts), although some are not as hard-wired as the others. Many gifted children use them around 3 – 7 years of age and then either develop their intuition further during their lifetime or suppress it entirely. These natural abilities are also known as extrasensory perception or the sixth sense. Our souls and bodies are hard-wired with the sixth sense, and everybody can testify having at least some instance of experiencing their own psychic ability.

The Law of Attraction: Only Worry About the Things you Can Change

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Not surprisingly, feelings of anxiety, worry and depression are very common nowadays. There are those who even find it hard to get through the day without feelings of worry: "I worry all the time about everything. Even though there are no signs of problems, I just feel very sad. I can’t concentrate at my work and have a hard time falling asleep at night. I also feel angry at some people in my family all the time.”

The End of the Age Cycle and Universal Timing

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Back in 2011, there was a wave of random information from various sites and blogs about an upcoming global awakening. Various articles emphasized not only the Earth’s physical transformation but a transformation of a human conciseness as well.

While some were predicting the “end of the world” scenario, others viewed this time period as approaching a new era, especially when natural disasters started to occur on a regular basis in 2012 such as the Atlantic hurricane season and deadly hurricanes such as Ernesto, Isaac and Sandy, deadly earthquakes in Iran and Afghanistan, the large 6.7 earthquake in the Philippines, global flooding in Beijing, China, a heat wave in North America, wildfires in Oklahoma and Colorado, Pacific typhoon season and more.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The tree of knowledge of good and evil

Many argue that Old and New Testament stories are just a collection of parables and old folklore stories and there is no actual truth to it. However, when looking more closely, these stories can actually carry concealed messages and keys to an understanding secrets of the Universe. Many of the stories are hard to grasp, especially when they are translated many times from Hebrew and Aramaic and may become distorted due to mistranslation. However, when paying careful attention to the main point and certain clues, the Bible gives us a solution to a bigger puzzle in the understanding life and creation in general.

Proof of Reincarnation in Scientific Terms

Proof of Reincarnation in Scientific Terms

According to surveys, only 24% of Americans today believe in reincarnation. However, the topic has been interesting enough to attract several TV shows like The Dr. Oz Show. Looking into the “reality of reincarnation,” the show featured kids who remembered their previous lives and people who underwent hypnosis to recall their past existence.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Gospel of the Kingdom

The Heavenly Kingdom Concept

Many people wonder just what a “Heavenly Kingdom” is and what it looks like. In Jesus time, many of his followers have asked this question. Jesus presented to his followers the idea of the Kingdom with correlation to the spiritual fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. According to this concept, it alone can liberate people from the bondage of hatred or fear and enrich human life, filling it with spiritual liberty and courage. The “Gospel of the Kingdom” was made to set men free and inspire a hope for eternal life. The message was to bring new confidence and true consolidation for all people of various nationalities and economic status. It introduced a new standard of moral values to determine human conduct such as spiritual attainment as the true goal of living compared to the material. Jesus was teaching his followers that heavenly realms were the result of righteous living on Earth as a reward.


One of the most asked question regarding the human existence is the one about the purpose and who created our world and the universe. While modern science doesn’t explain why the world was created in the first place, it offers various theories of flora and fauna development, plants and wildlife development, and a variety of natural phenomena that occur due to the spontaneous processes taking place during billions of years.