Benefits of Law of Attraction Affirmations

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Affirmation practice is a beautiful tool for emotional support and encouragement. It helps to deal with stressful things in life, tiredness, and exhaustion due to the family and work obligations.

In some cases, affirmations can even help those who suffer from some form of anxiety, depression, agoraphobia or any type of emotional disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Affirmations help you to change your thoughts and help to reprogram your subconscious mind in a positive way.


Goals and Motivation

Achieve Your Goals How to Manifest Dreams Success Luck

Have you thought about setting important goals for yourself but later realized that nothing or a little was achieved? Year after year many people focus on various things to improve and goals to achieve. Setting up your personal goals is important because when people don’t have a direction, they may end up somewhere they don’t really want to be. Without the goals, there will be a lack of direction and focus.


The Path of Karma

Karma Wheel Samsara Symbol Reincarnation Buddhism

There are numerous NDE stories where people reported seeing visions of certain moments from their lifetime. They describe it as someone just rolled out a screen in front of their eyes and flashed images from their childhood and adult life. It was mostly a review of their relationships with family, loved ones and other people. There was also a review of the important events, good and bad experience.


The Fifth Dimension

New earth fifth dimension

There is a lot of information coming from the different sources about the upcoming global changes and 5th dimension spiritual awakening. According to the ancient prophesies, our planet is going to shift to a whole new level of reality filled with love, unity, wisdom, and peace. This reality is often called “New Earth” where the inhabitants will live as immortal beings. A lot is going to change and things like violence, destruction, sin, sickness or death will end.


Health Benefits of Meditation

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Proper meditation offers a variety of health benefits. There are many scientific reports showing that meditation has beneficial effects on health and psychological well-being. The meditation practice emphasizes mainly on improving focused attention, calming the mind or developing mindfulness. Some of the studies concluded that meditating even 20 minutes per day is enough to experience the positive results. Besides calming the mind, meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, improves concentration and much more.

Spiritual Guidance and Meditation

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Millions of people practice meditation daily. The word “meditation” means “to think" or "reflect", especially in a calm and deliberate manner. It also includes to plan in the mind; to design; to plan by revolving in the mind; to weigh; to resolve; intend. To keep the mind in a state of contemplation; to dwell on anything in thought…” (Webster’s 1913 Dictionary). According to the Bible, meditation means “…to ponder, imagine, meditate, converse with oneself, declare to oneself, to separate or distinguish mentally…”

New Heavens and New Earth

Heavenly Kingdom New Heaven New Earth Jesus Christ Second Coming

Various prophets made predictions of apocalyptic events that involve disasters or collapse of the civilization in the past. End-time events were usually expected to occur within the lifetime of the prophet who made the prediction.

The Second Coming

The Second Coming of Jesus Rapture event

There are many who expecting Jesus' return. Some of them even have false assumptions that it has already happened and everybody “missed it” somehow. Others assume that Jesus will be born as a baby again in the old fashioned way or he is sitting somewhere in secret chambers.

Did Jesus Exist? Archaeological Proof

The Empty Tomb of Jesus Archaeology

In the past, many atheist critics assumed the New Testament writings, biblical names, places, and events were invented by the apostles and were phony. Skeptical bible scholars even attacked some gospels asserting they were written after the second century by an unknown author. Nowadays, more and more archaeological discoveries are made confirming the Gospel accounts of people and places recorded in the New Testament such as Caiaphas, Pilate, and the first-century Nazareth.

The Missing Years of Jesus

The Missing Years of Jesus

There is very little information about Jesus’ early life. Christian tradition suggests that Jesus simply lived in Galilee during the age of 14 to 29 and probably helped his father Joseph with their family business. However, Jesus was a well-known figure from birth. The gospels tell us that even Herod and his people were informed of the birth of the boy Jesus. In addition, Jesus was raised in a very small village where everybody knew each other. It is almost impossible not to record anything from his life.

Did Jesus Exist? Historical Proof

Young Jesus in Jerusalem
Young Jesus in the Temple by William Holman Hunt

Throughout many years, skeptics assumed there was no evidence that Jesus ever existed without searching for the evidence. During the first and second century BC, famous historians and officials of ancient Rome and Judea questioned Jesus' work such as raising people from the dead, healing or his own resurrection. The skeptics, however, didn't question Jesus' existence. This new doctrine emerged recently due to the long time frame that can make any historical figure look like a myth.

Marriage in Heaven

Wedding Bride of Christ Marriage in Heaven

What gender are spirits in Heaven? Are they males, females or both? These questions seem unimportant, but answers will bring some understanding to those who are going through a rough experience in their lives and struggle to find a solution regarding certain things that happen in spiritual realms.