Other Resources

Additional resources that will help to enhance your awareness and spiritual experience.

The Intuitive Way To Increase Awareness
This book is a soul-nourishing resource that will help to increase your intuition and awareness. Learn how to benefit from the active intuition such as enhancing your imagination and creativity to stay more productive at work. There are also some exercises included for making quicker, more inspired decisions. Find out why you love certain things and how the information is processed through the dreams and imagination. Learn how to improve your self-guidance, how to get your own personal "spiritual council" and how to apply intuition in everyday life. Read More

Transform Fear to Faith
Get an amazing breakthrough in self-discovery. If you are looking to find answers in the midst of uncertainty, this will be a good resource that everyone can benefit from, no matter what their spirituality is. This book will help you open up and be willing to receive guidance from your intuition. It includes many exercises and meditation practices that can be applied in everyday life. Learn how to transform your fear into faith and live a divinely guided life full of happiness, security and clear direction. Read More

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
Even though there were thousands of people who had NDE (Near Death) experiences, a scientific community remained skeptical about the validity of such cases. The author of this book, Dr. Eben Alexander, used to be one of those skeptics. He believed that "soul" concept was just a product of brain chemistry and all of these NDE experiences are just fantasies produced by the brain neurons during stressful situations. After experiencing a serious illness, he went into a deep coma and went through NDE process himself. In this book, the author describes his fantastic journey into the realms of supernatural existence and his miraculous recovery. Read More

Exceptional Cases of Past Life
Reincarnation is a concept used in various philosophical and religious views. It is a concept of rebirth or transmigration when a living soul starts a new life in a new physical body or a form after previous biological death. This book covers some compelling evidence of reincarnation and how we can possibly live more than once. This source includes many articles, old documentaries, as well as radio and TV interviews. It also covers 13 real-life cases where people recall memories from the previous lifetimes with actual proofs. Read More

Discover Your Psychic Type
This practical and easy to understand guide will help you to develop your intuition and spiritual growth by using personalized approach. It introduces four different psychic types and explains how to develop the unique skills of each. This book will help you to understand better some of the new ideas by offering practical advice, helpful questionnaire and simple spiritual truths.  Read More

Many Lives: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist
This book combines psychiatry and metaphysics by presenting a real-life case documentary. As it often happens, Dr. Brian Weiss used to be one of the skeptics until he had a hypnosis session with one of his patient. When a woman with an anxiety case he had a session with started to channel direct messages about Dr. Weiss' family and his dead son, his level of skepticism changed. These revelations opened a new path for him and helped him to discover a more meaningful phase of his own career.  Read More